Trekking in Baliem Valley region

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Surreal landscapes, angry looking, but so warm people, old customs and traditions – the one and only Baliem Valley.

It’s hard to get, but even harder to leave. The only way to reach this remote part of the world – flying. At least 3-4 plane changes, long flights from any big airport in South East Asia. But you won’t see crowds, casual tourists, just the ones, who are willing survive in basic conditions. Avoid month of August, when big festivals are happening so much more rich tourists are getting there. Other time of the year, you can still have a region for yourself. Forget what’s happening in other parts of the word and get involved in the primitive and still pure lifestyle.

Papua, Indonesia
October 2017
7 days
Hard to travel
Be very cautious
  • Day trips around Baliem Valley
  • Multi-day trekking to remote areas
  • Touristic, but still worth seeing – pig fest in Jiwika village
  • Photogenic people – in lower elevations, they know how to ask money, but don’t pay. Up in the mountains, people are genuine and usually will be happy to smile.

The main hub to catch a plane to Wamena  (the capital of Papua Indonesia) – Jayapura. At the moment Wings Air, Trigana Air Services, and Nam Airlines are operating few flights a day. It’s relatively easy to get tickets to Wamena, but book flights out of Wamena at least a week or two in advance. Jayapura has good connections to Denpasar, Jakarata, Surabya and Makaasar.

Great website/app to book domestic flights even with foreign cards:

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